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Questions & Answers for Fluorite Ball/Metspar Briquette

2019/08/02 16:19
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Q 1: What’s Fluorite Ball?

A 1: Fluorspar Briquette, namely Fluorite Ball,

Q2: Why steel plants prefer to use fluorite ball?

A2: The fluorite balls we supply are of high purity, which can meet different customers' special requirements with below advantages.

1) Rich resources and competitive price make it popular in industrial production.

2) We can customize the specifications & strength for special applications.

3) Stable quality and be beneficial to be used in the large scale production.

Q3: What are the advantages of Fluorite Ball?


1) -Adjustable Composition.

2) -Stable composition & particle size.

3) -High compressive strength and moisture-resistant.

4) -It uses very little binding material, which has the advance of innocuity and rustless, thus will not cause steel pollution.




Q4: Why Fluorite Ball is cheap than Fluorite Lump?

A4: Fluorspar Briquette is produced by adding a certain proportion binder into fluorite powder, and by briquetting, drying and sizing. It is processed by flotation powder and can replace high grade fluorite ore and be widely used in metallurgical industry.

Q5: How to process Fluorite Ball?

1) Dry Raw Materials

2) Ball Press Machine

3) Dry Briquette

4) Packed

5) Finished product