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China's Fluorspar import and export have experienced a decline for the second consecutive month.

2023/06/16 17:41
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China's Fluorspar import and export have experienced a decline for the second consecutive month.


The prices of Calcium Fluoride (Fluorspar) in China have been steadily increasing since the beginning of this quarter, driven by strong demand from overseas markets. The growing adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the demand from various downstream sectors have contributed to the upward trend of Calcium Fluoride. With the increasing demand for rechargeable batteries, especially in the EV industry, the Fluorspar market in China is thriving as producers are increasingly turning to fluoride ions as an alternative to lithium-ion batteries, given fluorine's higher electronegativity. However, imports from overseas suppliers have declined due to supply constraints and reduced domestic demand.

China's Fluorspar imports and exports witnessed a significant year-on-year decrease in March 2022, primarily due to reduced purchasing activities among domestic buyers. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has further impacted the global supply chain and affected certain manufacturers. Additionally, the resurgence of COVID-19 in China has led to restrictions on production activities for various commodities, including Calcium Fluoride, resulting in a slowdown in China's logistics.

Looking ahead, Fluorspar prices are expected to continue rising in the coming months due to persistent supply tightness and strong demand from the photovoltaic (PV) and specialty grade HF markets.