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Brief on the Domestic Market Situation in China Nov.,2023

2023/11/20 15:19
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The prices of domestic Fluorspar Powder in China are stabilizing, with limited expectations for increased supply in the fourth quarter due to ongoing challenges in production. Northern processing plants show no proactive inclination to reduce their burdens, primarily because of limited availability of raw materials and the predominant shutdown of small mines. Downstream markets such as anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, aluminum fluoride, refrigerants, and others continue to maintain steady demand, with raw material inventories averaging around 15-30 days. The winter season's low production levels are dragging down overall demand, resulting in a slight downward trend, but it is anticipated that the downward space will not exceed 100 yuan per ton.

Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride is experiencing a slight decline due to a small retreat in sulfuric acid prices, rendering the market relatively soft. Monthly pricing remains at 10,800-10,900 yuan per ton. Amid a weakening background in raw materials, negotiations are leaning towards lower prices, with some new orders following suit. However, the cost reduction of hydrogen fluoride is limited, and the market's operating rate continues to be less than 70%. It is expected that anhydrous hydrogen fluoride will experience a slight decline at the end of November, but considering stable downstream stockpile demand in December, a significant drop is unlikely.

The aluminum fluoride market is weak, with thin profit margins for companies. Recent power restrictions in Yunnan have led to a decrease in production by aluminum smelters, stabilizing the supply of aluminum fluoride. Mainstream order prices have softened slightly to 9,900-10,300 yuan per ton, while sporadic orders fluctuate with the market.

The refrigerant market has absorbed recent price increases, rebounding from a downturn. However, concerns persist about weak export demand, and stockpiling sentiments are still on the rise. Currently, dealers' circulating inventories are relatively low, and production enterprises are reluctant to sell. Inventories are at a reasonable level. R22, nearing the new year with renewed quotas, sees low enthusiasm for high-priced purchases. Dealers are primarily focusing on inventory digestion, and under high profits, actual price hikes are difficult. The foreign and domestic markets for R134a remain steady due to high costs and demand suppression. R125 has stopped declining and rebounded slightly due to stockpiling by mixed gas companies, expectations of tight quotas, and rising prices.

The lithium hexafluorophosphate market is weak but stable, with mainstream prices at 85,000-88,000 yuan per ton. The market is operating normally, with demand-driven transactions being the mainstay. Market participants are adopting a cautious approach, with upstream market conditions showing a weak trend. Increasing inventory pressures and weak support from the cost side are impacting lithium hexafluorophosphate prices, while the downstream electrolyte market remains stable. The overall subdued demand atmosphere persists, exerting pressure on lithium hexafluorophosphate prices.