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Overview of the fluorine chemical industry

2019/12/13 16:04
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   The fluorine chemical industry is a sub-industry of the chemical industry. The industry has become a fast-growing important industry due to its wide variety of products, excellent performance and wide application fields. In the longer term, the fluorine chemical industry will also be one of the fastest growing industries in the chemical industry.

   The fluoride industry can be divided into two major industries: inorganic fluoride and organic fluoride.

   The inorganic fluoride industry is an important part of the chemical industry, and its products are important raw materials and auxiliary materials in machinery, electronics, metallurgy and other industries. Among inorganic fluorides, fluoride salt products such as aluminum fluoride and cryolite, which are used as raw materials for the production of aluminum electrolysis industry, account for most of the total production, and other products have less output.

   Organic fluorinated chemical products are widely used in military, chemical, machinery and other fields for their excellent properties of chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, low friction, and insulation. And one of the most promising industries.