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Fluorine chemical market price is low due to the Poor demand

2020/08/24 11:26
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On August 19 th, 2020.

According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, since August, the prices of Fluorine Chemical product have different degrees’ declined , and the prices of Fluorspar, hydrofluoric acid, , R22, R134a, aluminum fluoride and cryolite all goes declined. The specific product analysis is as follows:


Production price of Fluorspar in China From May 15,2020 - August 19,2020.

Acid Grade Fluorspar Powder, CaF2 97%min wet powder, Application: Chemical industry

Fluorspar price is fallsing, till August 19,2020 China domestic Acid Grade Fluorspar Powder average price of 2661.11 cny/ton. According to the statistics of recent domestic Inner Mongolia region CaF2 97% Fluorspar powder prices is 2500-2600 yuan/ton, CaF2 97% Fluorspar powder Fujian region price is 2600-2700 yuan/ton, Henan region  CaF2 97% Fluorspar powder prices is 2600-2700 yuan/ton, Jiangxi region  CaF2 97% Fluorspar powder prices in 2600-2700 yuan/ton.

The reason why the price of Fluorspar falling are as following.

First, the recent domestic Fluorspar enterprise installation started normally, the rate of Fluorspar operation did not change much, the domestic mines and flotation plants started normally, so that the spot supply of Fluorspar in the field is normal, the supply of Fluorspar in the field is sufficient, the domestic Fluorspar price fell mainly.

Secondly, recently, the price of hydrofluoric acid and refrigerant market is weak, the price is constantly falling, bringing a certain negative impact on the domestic Fluorspar market, the domestic Fluorspar price is constantly affected.

Recent hydrofluoric acid market and refrigerant industry prices depressed, it is expected that later Fluorspar prices will continue to fall.

Production price ofhydrofluoric acid  in China From May 14,2020 - August 19,2020.

Anhydrous hydrofluoric acid, HF 99.95%min, Application: industrial grade

Till August 19,2020 the China domestic hydrofluoric acid market average price is 8690 yuan/ton, hydrofluoric acid Price in fujian is 8000-8500 yuan/ton, price of hydrofluoric acid in Shandong district is 8000-8500 yuan/ton, the Jiangxi hydrofluoric acid price is 8500-9000 yuan/ton,  Inner Mongolia hydrofluoric acid market price is 8000-8500 yuan/tons, the hydrofluoric acid market have enough cargo, market price keep falling.

Recently 60% of domestic hydrofluoric acid plants starts and cargo is enough for market, but the downstream market is still weak, and Fluorspar prices fell too, China domestic hydrofluoric acid market prices keep falling, some hydrofluoric acid factory  is still losing money,comprehensive consideration, the hydrofluoric acid market prices is expected to keep falling.


(Source: SunSirs)