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SunSirs: Fluorite Price Trend Was Temporarily Stable, Aluminum Fluoride Price Was Stable and Slightly Down

2020/10/24 11:39
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The upstream fluorite and hydrofluoric acid markets remained stable, and the overall market prices remained stable. The overall market price of aluminum fluoride remained stable, and some manufacturers slightly lowered the price of aluminum fluoride. According to data from SunSirs, the domestic aluminum fluoride price was 8,766 RMB/ton on October 16, which was 0.75% lower than the price of aluminum fluoride at the beginning of the week.

The price trend of domestic fluorite market fluctuated. Recently, some manufacturers reported that the sales situation was not good, the downstream demand did not improved, and the price of fluorite did not changed much. Domestic fluorite manufacturers were operating steadily, the mines and flotation devices in the field were operating normally, the sales in the fluorite field were not good, and the market price of fluorite remained stable temporarily. Recently, the downstream market price of hydrofluoric acid remained at a low level, and downstream procurement was mainly on-demand, and the purchasing sentiment was not high.

The prices of upstream raw materials such as fluorite and hydrofluoric acid maintain a fluctuating trend, and the aluminum fluoride market is weak; and the overall operating rate of aluminum fluoride remains high at present, and the spot inventory of some factories is high, and sales pressure is relatively high; recent price comparison of aluminum fluoride market In the downturn, overall, aluminum fluoride manufacturers are selling at high prices, and some manufacturers have cut prices and promoted lower inventories. The overall inventory of the aluminum fluoride industry is relatively high, and the downstream electrolytic aluminum plants are pressing down at low prices. Under the game of supply and demand, the transaction price of aluminum fluoride is likely to fall but difficult to rise.

The aluminum fluoride industry analyst of SunSirs believes that the upstream fluorite price is fluctuating, and the current aluminum fluoride inventory is high, and the price of aluminum fluoride is weak. It is expected that the aluminum fluoride market will remain stable in the near future.