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The future of graphite in China

2020/11/26 11:21
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  Graphite has excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties, and has been widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electronics, national defense, aerospace and other fields. According to experts estimate, by 2020, the global demand for natural graphite will be added to 2 million 600 thousand tons, new power, new materials and other new rapid development of the industry, but also to the graphite industry has brought new opportunities for development. Industry advocates, the next step should be in establishing and improving the relevant professional management system together, will be the main capital of graphite to strategic heights.

  China is a big producer of graphite, and its capital reserves are rich. According to industry experts, China graphite capital mainly distributed in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Hunan, Shanxi (soil shaped graphite) and Jilin, which is the largest crystalline graphite reserves in Heilongjiang Province, accounting for about 57.87% of national reserves, followed by Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Henan and Sichuan; Hunan Province, the largest reserves of graphite, followed by Jilin, Shaanxi, Fujian and Anhui.

  Data show that in 2013, China's natural graphite output value of 810 thousand tons, accounting for 68% of global output. "International graphite recorded proven reserves calculation, Chinese graphite reserves ranked first in the international, National Engineering Research Center, said Professor Wang Xuequn, the skills of deep processing of metal mine in 2014, China output of 650 thousand tons of natural flake graphite, including the production and operating data and customs data, Chinese output has reached 610 thousand of natural flake graphite 2017 will exceed 700 thousand tons tons..

  The first National Non-metallic Mineral Processing Engineering Research Center Professor He Baoluo and other experts believe that, the iron and steel industry, foundry industry is the largest use of graphite, annual production of over 300 thousand tons, there will be a contraction in the future; secondly, the use of big flake graphite preparation expansion stone processing paper, ink, graphite graphite gasket and sealing materials, graphite packing, insulation materials, annual demand over 200 thousand tons, the future trend will add.

  The future of the graphite industry is very broad. One is the traditional category of industrial structure optimization and upgrading and constantly pulling new category of graphite spent widening, is to add some commodity future market graphite; two is to follow the Chinese vigorously carry out energy-saving environmental protection, new energy, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacture, new materials, new power cars and other strategic new industries, and femoral graphite industry the rapid development of. "Natural graphite, the low price for the aphanitic graphite quotation, used to produce low-end graphite products, the future cost of adding graphite occupation in the first category of photovoltaic, semiconductor materials, lithium batteries and fuel cell etc.."