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Electrically Calcined Coal
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Electrically Calcined Coal

Product description

Application and Principle for Electrically Calcined Coal

"Gas Calcined Anthracite Coal” is made from well-selected Tai Xi anthracite. Mainly used in steelmaking in electrical stove, screening water,quality,shipbuilding sandblast removing rust producing carbon materials.. The main raw material is unique high quality anthracite, with characteristic of high fixed carbon content, strong oxidation resistance, low ash, low sulfur, low phosphorus, high mechanical strength, high chemical activity, high purity coal recovery rate. Carbon additive has two main uses, namely as the fuel and additive. When being used as the carbon additive of steel-smelting, and casting, the fixed carbon may achieve above 95%.


High carbon, low sulfur, low nitrogen,high graphitization degree,high carbon recovery (92% ~ 98%),with stable effect on improving the carbon content.


1.High quality coal steelmaking carburizing agent can be produced from high metamorphic anthracite after ash reduction and heat treatment.

2. The particle size of coal carbonizer is 1-8mm, and the carbon enhancement effect is comparable to that of petroleum coke carburizer.

3. Coal carbonifier steelmaking has no effect on the chemical composition, total amount of inclusions, crystallinity and mechanical properties of the steel. The qualified rate of the steel is 100%.

4.The use of coal carbonizing agent instead of petroleum coke carbonizing agent to increase carbon in steelmaking can reduce the cost of enterprises and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.



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Specification for Electrically Calcined Coal (Gas Calcined Anthracite Coal)







Ash (%)max

Resistivity Ω.m




S (%)max
ECA-93 93 1.2 6 700 0.5 0.3
ECA-94 94 1.2 5 650 0.5 0.3


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