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2019-05-27 17:38:00
Sample Policy
Dear Potential Clients,As you can imagine, we receive many requests for FREE SAMPLES.To keep our wholesale pricing as low as possible, we ask our potential clients to pay the express freight charges for the free sample. And we will check the most economic courier company to arrange the samples.
2019-08-02 16:12:00
Know More About Fluorite
Fluorite, also known as fluorspar is a mineral form of calcium fluoride, CaF2 that is available naturally in all colors of spectrum. It is the mineral form of calcium fluorite which belongs to the halide minerals. Pure Fluorite( CaF2) contains 51.1% calcium and 48.9% fluorine,
2019-08-02 16:19:59
Questions & Answers for Fluorite Ball/Metspar Briquette
Q 1: What’s Fluorite Ball?A 1: Fluorspar Briquette, namely Fluorite Ball,Q2: Why steel plants prefer to use fluorite ball?A2: The fluorite balls we supply are of high purity, which can meet different
2019-08-02 16:23:44
Fluorite Lens & Fluorite Carving
Fluorite is very easy to identify if you consider cleavage, hardness, and specific gravity. It is the only common mineral that has four directions of perfect cleavage, often breaking into pieces with